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Elizabeth Gordon is a biologist, artist and writer. She grew up on a farm in New Zealand then lived in the United States, Belgium,Singapore and Germany before settling in Australia.

Her books are non-fiction, about art, war or (like this one) about what can happen to you when you go to the opera....

Elizabeth is also a prolific artist, exhibiting regularly and maintaining an online gallery at


Blue Tulips Zippered Jacket

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"Here is a book for music lovers, art lovers, in fact for all lovers!"



Mix a cocktail of man, woman and passionate music and what do you get? She is an artist taking one step at a time; he is a music lover, a charmer and lives 12,000 miles away. Blue Tulips tells their story.

The book begins as a letter to her sister, continued as a blog, then develops into ... well you decide. It is written 'as it happened' and it happened as she would have least expected. Unexpected at the beginning, even less expected at the end.


After meeting a stranger 'across a crowded room' Elizabeth takes pen to paper. Through her amusing and whimsical emails, letters, blog posts, stories and paintings we share in the passionate adventure of these strangers in the night and learn a lot about the music that inspires them. This love story will charm and entertain you while giving you an intimate insight into the world of this 21st century artist and her musically obsessed lover as they struggle with their changed orbits.


(Amazon average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars)

A truly exceptional read!
Be prepared to be seduced into some seriously late nights of reading! well written, cleverly and uniquely structured and beautifully illustrated. a story of discovery and of love.

Music, art and love, what a mix
The true story of unexpected love, the magic of music and the challenge of art. A philosophy of living. By the end I felt I had read something very beautiful.

A page turner
I thought I would enjoy this book after reading the preview chapter but I was unprepared for the compulsion I experienced in needing to 'find out what happens', which is why I kept turning the pages, reading it from start to finish (although it is, at 470 pages, a very long book) in one day. It is beautifully written and illustrated. It is also a lesson to us all in the frailities of the human condition and how we see things in such different ways. I found it passionate, informative as an introduction to Wagner particularly and is where the story starts, touched with an alternating sense of pathos and comic relief. It is truly a 'page-turner'.

Great stories and interesting story of the womans life in love. Very happy to have gotten this book. I like getting lost in what she has to write.

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